Private Banking Solution (WRM)

Our comprehensive Private Banking Solution covers specific functionality and support processes that are critical for your daily business in wealth relationship management.


The modular design of our solution allows you to select and scale the usage according to the current needs of your business.


In cooperation with Swisscom AG, we offer you services based on a high available, secure and location-independent cloud platform. All relevant banking and outsourcing certifications are supported in accordance with the published FINMA Circular Letter 2008/7.


It has become more important than ever to integrate with other platforms to enable data sharing and a cohesive, up-to-date, accurate view of customers. Generic interfaces to various system environments are supported to achieve a 360-degree view of customer and portfolio data.

Private Banking Solution (WRM)

  • Interaction Management

    A core activity for relationship managers is the daily interaction with existing customers and potential new customers by phone, per e-mail or by appointment.

  • Collaboration & Documentation

    This supports relationship managers in written collaboration with external or internal parties and hence with the documentation required by Auditors.

  • Legal & Compliance

    This offers a variety of tools to assist the compliance officer in his everyday work in relation to compliance with and monitoring of statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Operational Business

    Customer knowledge, up-to-date data and identification of potential and also of hazards are at the centre of daily operational business in asset management.

  • Management & Analytics

    Management can for example obtain an overview of the entire customer structure, measure the performance of sales personnel or monitor, evaluate and make forecasts for the business in ist entirety.

  • Relationship Management

    Individual datasets can be interlinked with each other without requiring the creation of duplicates. The same applies for connections to and from portfolios. This allows an overall view of complex structures.

  • Supporting Processes

    Various background processes support relationship managers in managing their daily business. This function includes alerts, to-do lists and mails.

  • Third Party Integration

    Generic interfaces to various system environments are supported.

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Thierry Walt, CEO