Sadik Pepic - Head of Development CRM

Sadik Pepic

Head of Development CRM

Sadik Pepic - Head of Development CRM

What is your Ambition?

My ambition is to provide our customers with perfectly automated solutions that enable to work faster, better and easier on a daily basis. Sustainably stable integrations with peripheral systems that use the latest Microsoft technologies inspire me and, above all, our customers.

Which of our core values do you identify with the most? Why?

Professionalism: There is a reason why we call ourselves professionals who, with their expertise and commitment to quality, are always looking for and finding the "best-fit" technical solutions for customers. Processes, tools and best practices established over the years help us to live professionalism every day.

What is decisive for success in a project for you?

For me, successful projects are always based on the fact that we provide the client with neutral and comprehensive expert advice, prioritize and focus their needs based on that, and finally, with our many years of experience, we design and implement the best possible alternatives. In my view, this method always leads to top results!