Ambit Group: Great Place to Work® for all of us

Ambit Group: Great Place to Work® for all of us

All of us at Ambit Group are a Great Place to Work®! The independent research and consulting institute Great Place to Work® was able to award the Ambit Group certification twice in December thanks to the positive feedback from its employees in Germany and Switzerland. As there were fewer than 10 employees in Austria, Romania and Singapore at the time of the survey, certification was not possible there despite great results.


"We have listened to the feedback of our employees in order to become better and are grateful for the openness of the differentiated feedback. With a participation rate of 92%, we are confident that we have identified the important needs for moving forward together. Now it's a matter of listening to our employees, setting the right priorities and implementing effective measures with their help."

Beat Sengstag, CEO Enterprise Resource Planning Competence Area

"The certification is an important step within the strategic, international group initiative 'Employer Attractiveness' and fills us with pride and, above all, humility, because we have ambitious goals as an employer - also towards our employees. So the result of this employee survey is just the beginning: we want to measure, compare and continuously improve ourselves every year."

Thierry Walt, CEO Customer Engagement Competence Area

Overall, 78 per cent of all participants and respondents said that Ambit Group was a very good workplace for them (Great Place to Work®). A great workplace is characterised by various factors: Trust in management and experiencing a work atmosphere based on credibility, respect and fairness. Employees at a great workplace take pride in their job and company and enjoy working with their colleagues.


About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is an international research and consulting network that supports companies in over 100 countries worldwide in shaping an attractive and future-oriented workplace culture. Great Place to Work® has been certifying the workplace culture of companies on the basis of anonymous employee surveys and the analysis of personnel measures for more than 30 years. Trust is considered the foundation of an excellent workplace culture. As the world of work has evolved and countless organisations have been evaluated, the methodology has been adapted to create a Great Place to Work for all employees.

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