Ambit Group: Augment IT complements Ambit Group's portfolio

Augment IT complements Ambit Group's portfolio

The Ambit Group and Augment IT are proud to announce a new strategic partnership. The partnership aims to harness the power of augmented and mixed reality enterprise solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to deliver enhanced customer-centric, resource-efficient solutions.

Inspect AR and Customer Service / Field Service bring data into the business process

Augmented and mixed reality have attracted increasing attention in recent years. In addition to its use in the gaming sector, this specialisation is increasingly finding its way into companies.

The technology makes it possible to seamlessly integrate digital information into the physical environment. This opens up a wide range of possible applications in companies such as technical field service, for example, who are given the right instructions to correct a fault using AR glasses.

The objective of the new partnership

With the help of Augment IT's Inspect AR solution, data is fed back into the company process and can be further analysed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service. The potential to use this information to develop far-reaching changes in the crucial service area is huge.

Augment IT specialises in mixed and augmented reality solutions

Augment IT is a sparring partner for innovative mixed and augmented reality solutions. They assist their customers in streamlining processes, creating new digital experiences and thus fully leveraging the potential of this technology. The cooperation with the Ambit Group opens up new use applications in a wide range of industries and business areas.

"We are excited about the opportunity to work with the Ambit Group, join our expertise and deliver even greater added value to our customers."

Elias Remele, CSO Augment IT

"The partnership with Augment IT is a strategic step for us. With Augment IT, we have a trusted partner on an equal footing who can guarantee our customers a portfolio of services in the exciting and high-growth areas of mixed and augmented reality."

Christian Schipp, CBDO Ambit Group

Augment IT is a renowned Swiss software company specializing in tailor-made solutions in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. We have been developing innovative XR applications for industrial, pharma/life science and transportation/railway sectors since 2016. Our customers include ÖBB, Hilti, Arxada, Swiss Paraplegic Center, Swiss Armed Forces, City of Zurich, and Kispi.

Our services range from developing individual XR apps and enterprise consultancy for use of smart glasses. In addition, we also offer our own product, "Inspect AR", to make knowledge easily accessible on site and increase the efficiency and orientation of employees. Our solutions are designed for various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and headsets, including HoloLens 2, Magic Leap and Meta. In the future, we also plan to offer solutions for the Apple Vision Pro.

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