F. Borner: Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and connection to ERP ProAlpha

F. Borner combines its ERP ProAlpha and the benefits of an end-to-end CRM system with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Digitally improved sales processes and centralised information

F. Borner AG (Borner) was looking for a modern, expandable and established CRM solution that would efficiently and target-oriented support the current and future business processes.

After the first workshop with project manager Remo Balmer (Head of Sales & Marketing) and several employees from the in-house and field sales teams in summer 2020, the company opted for an integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and for the implementation partner Ambit Group. The system landscape was to be unified and an overarching database created in which both customer history and sales processes can be tracked. 

Uniform processes and an optimal flow of information in presales and sales, as well as excellent customer service, were the most important goals. The system landscape was to reflect this goal and promote efficient cooperation within F. Borner AG with integrated modules. The focus was on setting up a stable CRM solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as a data exchange between the ERP system ProAlpha and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Further Microsoft-based expansion topics can be easily integrated and introduced on the Azure-based Microsoft platform in the near future.

The new selling process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and ProAlpha

The comprehensive product portfolio of F. Borner AG, covering all aspects of electricity distribution, is marketed by five sales representatives to cantonal and municipal energy suppliers. Network construction companies, transport companies, the national road network, planners, engineers and mountain railways also count on Borner's innovative products. 

In the new presales process with Microsoft Dynamics 365, leads can be enriched with important information, images and documentation by the sales representative. Based on this, the office staff generates a sales opportunity, which can be completed with information such as delivery deadlines. All recorded data flows into the ERP Pro Alpha. The offer originates in the ERP system. Header data such as object name, company and contact person are synchronised from the ERP back into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure that the data is up-to-date. The status of the offers is transparent for the field service. This enables Borner to follow up competently at any time. Any reasons for cancellation are recorded in Dynamics 365. 

If an acceptation is made, an order is created. The objects (e.g. distribution cabins or transformer stations) are managed in the CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365) and the 365° view of all leads, sales opportunities, offers and orders for each object provides transparency and efficiency in the workflow. Via the GPS function, the objects can be located quickly and precisely, which was impossible before the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365, as the location addresses (fields, meadows, forest addresses) are rather imprecise. As a result, inaccuracies and duplicates occurred.

Outlook and Sharepoint integration

Outlook is fully integrated with Dynamics 365, allowing important business correspondence to be related to a contact or a company in the CRM and to be historised. 

Borner additionally already works with the cloud-based Microsoft 365 applications, SharePoint being one of them. SharePoint, like many of the Microsoft solutions, is integrated directly with Dynamics 365. This allows any customer and sales-related documents, videos, photos and other files to be linked to companies, leads, sales opportunities and objects in the CRM.

Functions & benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 - in one view:

  • Lead management: long-term, efficient planning of potential projects 
  • Opportunity management: Customer enquiries via field service, website, e-mail are recorded standardised in the CRM, categorised into orders or offers and assigned to the responsible person accordingly (streamlining of sales process) 
  • 360° view of all customer data: Documented and digitalised knowledge 
  • Object and location management: 15,000 distribution cabins in Switzerland can be managed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and located using GPS 
  • Tender management: 360° view of competitors, planners, engineering firms, energy supply companies and municipalities 
  • Interface Microsoft Dynamics 365 - ProAlpha ERP: bidirectional data synchronisation 
  • Dashboards: triage breakdown ID/AD, lead process, cockpit (field service overview) 

Customer statement

"After a good year of preparation, process adjustments, power user training and productive and entertaining meetings with the Ambit Group, we went live in April 2021! Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution offers the opportunity to consistently realise the digital path within the framework of our strategy and Vision 2035 - lean, agile and sustainable. The cooperation with Ambit Group was at all times partnership-based, professional and somehow familiar. The meetings, which took place physically, were characterised by verve, fun and a common goal! We are now looking forward to the implementation of the second project phase in the area of marketing, which will bring us further in the area of customer care, communication and advertising in a lean, agile and sustainable way."

Remo Balmer, Head of Sales & Marketing (Project Manager), F. Borner AG

F. Borner AG - Company portrait

Together for a reliable and secure energy supply. Around 140 employees work with commitment and enthusiasm for our customers throughout Switzerland.  

F. Borner AG is the leading provider of modern infrastructure solutions for electrical energy distribution for public and private companies. With innovative products and services, we provide new impulses and set standards. 

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