Down to earth at the Ambit Group summer party

Down to earth at the Ambit Group summer party

Our motto for this year's summer party was "down-to-earth".  At Jucker Farm, we learned about organic farming with responsible processing of vegetables and fruits.

We enjoyed the harvest & eating of juicy blueberries and a field tavolata and competed with each other in a down-to-earth way by arm wrestling, nail pounding and plunger tossing in unsettled weather. After all, we can't do without a bit of ambition.

Some impressions can be found in our video.


"Down-to-earth people or organizations have a clear vision of the realities and constraints they face. This is an important aspect for me when working with our clients to realize their visions."


Gabriela Stäheli-Spielmann, People and Culture Manager 

Impressions about the summer event