Ambit Group: Successful go-live at libs Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz

Successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance at libs Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz

Go-Live bei der libs Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz

After 15 months of project time, libs Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz is successfully live with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our partner Softsite AG, as a specialist in payroll accounting and HRM, supported us in implementing the solution. The new system offers a comprehensive platform for coordinating the training of over 1,000 apprentices at various training companies in 19 professions. Comprehensible, digital communication between libs, external training companies and apprentices is now possible at any time.

Previously, libs worked in a heterogeneous system landscape with many media discontinuities, which meant that data entry was carried out several times by different people in different systems. This resulted in data inconsistencies, additional time, lack of data access for partners and lack of transparency in the process. The project's motto was therefore also: " Launching the digital future of libs".


«With Dynamics 365 SCM-Finance in the cloud, we now operate a process-oriented ERP solution that enables us to digitally map the entire apprentice management (apprentice trials, recruitment and apprenticeship period), HR management, sales and purchasing processing.

Paper-based processes have been mainly replaced by digital processes and reduce our process costs as well as our paper consumption. All parties involved in the process now have access to up-to-date information, thanks to D365. Ambit Group and Softsite AG always provided us with competent support during the course of the project and flexibly aligned the solution to our needs.

Dynamics 365 supports our digitalization strategy and allows for further process optimizations - which have already been considered.»

Process digitalisation within the coordination of libs, learners, training companies and other partners

Besonderheiten im Projekt

Apprentices are trained by libs industrielle Berufslehren in cooperation with external training companies. The coordination and planning of the apprentices' individual assignments takes place both at libs and at the companies.

Qualification interviews and support measures

In addition to assignment planning, qualification discussions take place for all apprentices, including the definition of any support measures. These take place in consultation with libs and the training company. Qualification and support measures are recorded in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform in a digitally transparent manner for all three parties (apprentice, training company and libs).

Charging for services

The billing of services (basic training and apprentices' assignments at partner companies, fixed and variable components) is based on the Softsite add-on for HR management and the Dynamics 365 standard.


Libs recruits around 300 apprentices every year. Finding and recruiting the right apprentices is a recurring effort for libs. Among other things, they use events, trial apprenticeships or portals such as LENA (apprenticeship verification), Yusty (apprenticeship portal) or LMS (learning materials for technical professions) for recruitment. In the future, the application process will run completely digitally via Dynamics 365: from the receipt of the application, to the interviews, to the preparation of the contract and to the hiring. All documents are stored in the electronic personnel file and can be viewed at any time.

For communication with external training companies, libs uses the self-service portal of Dynamics 365. The training companies can thus independently access relevant information (applications, qualifications, etc.) on the individual applicants/apprentices at any time.

Payroll accounting, social insurance, withholding tax

Payroll accounting for the 1,100 employees and apprentices now runs via Dynamics 365, with payroll being sent via Inca-Mail. The direct reports to the pension funds, SUVA accident (Sunet Plus) and ELM withholding tax are now automatically processed via Dynamics 365 and sent to the respective partner. 

Financial accounting, order processing and material orders

libs is an apprentice company. The apprentices in the companies work on real customer orders. Order processing and material orders are mapped in Dynamics 365, as is financial accounting.

About libs Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz

libs is the leading training company in the Swiss mechanical, electrical and metal industries. In Baden, Heerbrugg, Rapperswil and Zurich, they offer professional apprenticeships and further training in technical and commercial careers. libs is a strong partner for companies that are committed to training young professionals but wish to delegate the responsibility for this. They have been on the market since 1996 as a total service provider in professional training and, together with their more than 130 member and partner companies, train around 1100 trainees. They assume overall responsibility for the apprenticeship as contractual master teachers, recruit the necessary number of apprentices and cover the basic training themselves.

The core training takes place in their partner companies (members); for this phase, their clients can rely on their professional know-how, whether in legal issues, questions of practical training or the management of special situations in dealing with young people.

Through constant innovation, they ensure that their apprentices are professionally trained according to the latest concepts and thus contribute to securing Switzerland as a place to study and work.

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Über unseren Partner Softsite AG

Softsite focuses on the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application solution with special focus on Human Resources. Based on this, Softsite implements application-specific add-ons and the industry solution for personnel service companies "Staffing".

Further information about Softsite can be found at


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