Ambit Group: Introduced at eye level with KITO Dynamics 365 SCM-Finance

KITO Armaturen GmbH switched to Microsoft Dynamics 365 within one year

KITO Armaturen GmbH counts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365)

One year of professional project work at eye level has contributed significantly to the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Azure Cloud. KITO and Ambit Group have been working together in a strong partnership for 8 years. 

Our project services at a glance

  • Thanks to a "sanctions list" used as a compliance tool with real-time information, KITO identifies countries with supply stops and can take them into account directly.
  • In the production and logistics environment, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM-Finance product configurator is used with customer-specific adjustments (complex calculations). Thanks to the consistent use of serial numbers, KITO can track products from the finished product to assemblies and its components and trace them to different places of use at any time, and recall products in a targeted manner in the event of quality defects.
  • Production control using Kanban is mapped with the Dynamics 365 standard. Warehouse management could be moved directly to the workbench through the web-based client of Dynamics 365 and with the help of customer-specific adaptations on tablets. It operates with the standard function of Dynamics 365 with optimized mask guidance as a scanner solution.
  • The Ambit Group's personal time recording tool with connection to KABA Benzing terminals has been implemented. The employee's start and end of work are transferred directly to Dynamics 365. At the same time, the working time and vacation time balances of the employees are sent to the terminals. In this way, evaluations are possible at any time. Employee-related operational data, as well as absence due to illness or other absences, can also be maintained by the HR department.
  • Power BI is now used for reporting purposes. KITO extracts and processes data in-house.

We are very proud of the confidence once again placed in us by KITO for the implementation of this successful project.

we make ambition work.

«With project and industry competence in the area of ERP, the Ambit Group has been accompanying us for years. We were also able to convince ourselves about their know-how and performance in this project.»

Darius Lazik, Head of IT, KITO® Armaturen GmbH

Who is KITO Armaturen GmbH?

With around 70 employees, KITO® Armaturen GmbH produces flame arresters, valves and special fittings for a wide range of customer requirements in its own production facilities. Just like top athletes, we are not satisfied with the average. Innovative and efficient solutions in explosion protection are our goal, with a consistent focus on quality, protection and safety.

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