Ambit Group - KUBO lives the passion for detail with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Kubo Tech AG lives the passion for detail with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Systematic implementation of the Microsoft success story with Dynamics 365 with strategic use of the Microsoft platform for webshop & third-party systems

Digital development thanks to a sustainable solution for future trade and production processes: With the use of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (D365) in the cloud, Kubo Tech AG harmonizes and automates processes across countries with central master and process data in real time.

This gives Kubo more time for the essentials: high availability of products and sophisticated customer solutions, for product development and for product and service quality at the highest level.


The fundamental for digitalisation at Kubo: Microsoft Dynamics 365

With D365, Kubo has all processes covered both at its headquarters in Switzerland and at Kubo Tech GmbH in Austria. Thanks to the standardization of company-wide processes and the use of D365 (by default) in the cloud, the regular Microsoft updates are simple, automatic, error-free and cross-location.

The strategically designed Microsoft platform D365 supplies the eCommerce webshop, ECM and other third-party systems such as warehouse systems (WMS) and logistics portals (MyPost) with master and process data. The cross-system sharing of data and processes on the D365 platform allows them to run automatically from there. Employees only intervene in the workflow when decisions are necessary: This simplifies processes, relieves resources and reduces sources of error.


Webshop 2.0 - completely integrated in D365

Customers order their desired items from Kubo via the web store around the clock.
Kubo stores over 5,000 of them in 12 Kardex towers. Since Kubo went live with the webshop, all information, data and functions are based entirely on Microsoft Dynamics. The e-portal now offers more than just a shopping experience.

Every interested prospect and customer has the possibility to get current and very detailed information about all products of Kubo Tech AG at any time.
Using a special search and filter logic, very specific article information and categories can also be requested.

For example, when an order is submitted, the web store sends all data to D365. The order is created and the picking process is triggered on schedule, without any human intervention: a considerable relief for the office staff. When an order is ready for delivery, the picking list is printed. The resulting posting of the delivery bill simultaneously indicates the delivery type and costs. Thanks to the connection to a service provider's logistics portal, the shipping label (MyPost) with tracking code is automatically created and printed. Specific item codes for export and information on the country of origin are automatically integrated into the documents.

The technical highlights of the webshop

  • Fully automated customer creation process after approval in D365 (creation of customer account in OXID with debtor validation and registration of the debtor in Dynamics 365, e-mail to request password assignment)
  • Customer-specific pricing including item discounts and invoice discounts, scale price calculation, output of customer-specific item numbers and items 
  • Semantic search with search proposals
  • Real-time inventory display / availability
  • Control in check-out on option complete / partial delivery for products with too little stock
  • Real-time filtering by multiple criteria
  • Mapping of products without price, with prevented purchase option
  • Request for quotation for each article with fully automated creation in D365 & Infomail to customer service
  • Fully automated exchange of
    • Customer data (incl. activation & deactivation)
    • Product data (incl. activation & deactivation)
    • Stocks
    • Category tree incl. media
    • Prices & trade agreements
    • Orders
  • Customer portal function:
    • Customer can independently see status of all orders / contracts, incl. items
    • Real-time query to D365 via omnichannel logic (all orders are displayed, no matter if received via web, phone, fax, ...)
  • Hide empty categories

Graphical resource planning and tool maintenance

For detailed resource planning, Kubo works with an add-on to display and plan graphically for machine occupancy. Production orders can be manually scheduled via drag & drop and the effects of changes can be simulated in real time.

Cycle information in the resources (mould tools) is automatically registered in order to carry out targeted maintenance of these tools: costly downtimes are now a phenomenon of the past.

Simple visualisation due to business data analytics with Power BI

Large amounts of data can be collected and evaluated across all business areas. Power BI - as an element completely integrated in the Microsoft platform - bundles this data and presents relevant company key figures in real time. After only a short training period, Kubo was able to independently handle reports and evaluations.


Customer statement

"Kubo achieves greater efficiency in day-to-day business and a more stable system basis thanks to process consistency and proximity to the system standard. With industry process expertise, Ambit Group meets us at eye level."

Jörg Kattermann, Director Operations & IT, Kubo Tech AG

Kubo Tech AG - Company portrait

Kubo Tech AG is specialist in the fields of sealing solutions in trade and manufacturing, as well as toolmaking for moulded rubber parts.

The technology company places high value on its customers and its employees, as they thrive from a close exchange between them. This is their approach of satisfying their customers to really convince them as a company. And that is their goal.

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Andreas Pascutto, Head Sales ERP

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