Strategic partnership with Crealytica adds business intelligence to Ambit Group portfolio

When everyone joins forces, big things can happen.



Strategic partnership with Crealytica adds business intelligence to Ambit Group portfolio

To create a 360-degree view on customers while supporting the ambitions of our partners: That is our ambition! With a new strategic partnership with Crealytica AG, we are now able to expand our service portfolio for our customers. Business Intelligence is currently the topic everybody is talking about - and for obvious reasons. Only those who understand their data correctly can use it profitably.

We are sure that with Crealytica AG we have the right partner at our side for many successful projects.

we make ambition work.


Interview with Urs Widmer, CEO of Crealytica AG

Make your ambition work is the Ambit Group's claim. That brings me straight to the first question: Urs, what is YOUR ambition? What motivates you personally, what do you want to achieve with Crealytica?

"Personally, I love combining and comparing data and identifying correlations. I analyze all in depth and breadth to make the client aware of dependencies or unusual things. By visualizing connections between different data and modelling them, I empower my clients to reach their goals. I think I have an instinct to want to understand everything in detail. This is certainly an ambition which our clients, myself and also Crealytica benefit from.

Crealytica wants to enable clients to develop a deeper understanding of their data issues. Perhaps there are areas that are not being prioritized today, or are even the blind spot of the business: We uncover that."

Are there any particular challenges in your work?

"A challenge is certainly to analyze and combine information for which a valid data source does not yet exist. This can be the case, for example, if relevant attributes are not filled in or are unusable. Often, it is us at Crealytica who hold up the uncomfortable mirror of data reality to the companies. We do not have any direct influence on the quality of the source systems.

In such a case, it is always important to talk to each other - frankly and directly. To understand and support our clients, we illuminate questions from every perspective. In the case of missing data, for example: Does this or similar data exist in another source? Does an existing system have to be expanded to make this data available, or does an additional system even have to be procured?"

Urs Widmer

Mountain or beach?
"Beach. I'm an absolute water lover and can get excited about everything that happens in, on and around the water."

Indulgence or asceticism?
"Indulgence. I'm a full-blooded indulgence person, interested in new restaurants, wine and great food."

Hermit or solo entertainer?
"Neither. I like to be around people, and I really enjoy discussing all kinds of topics. I love experiencing new ideas, learning and getting to know other perspectives.
The values of Crealytica match very well with myself. I am authentic, honest, straightforward and frank at any time."

LinkedIn profile Urs Widmer

I imagine it's quite complex, in the digital world we collect so much different data. Combining them all creates infinite possibilities: Do customers even have the chance to understand these complex interrelationships?

"It depends very much on what the customers want to achieve with their existing data. We accompany our customers along their processes or questions, or define these together in workshops, and carry out consultations or implementations based on clearly defined goals. Within these projects, the clients themselves develop a higher maturity in dealing with their own data."

How do the Ambit Group and Crealytica services complement each other?

"Ambit Group enables its customers to centrally manage their business data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as the Power Platform and gain visibility across multiple systems. Crealytica is in a complementary position. We connect information based on specific processes, issues, and goals. This allows us to get even more from aggregated data, model it, and visualize it in an easy-to-understand user interface.

For Ambit Group customers, Microsoft Power BI provides an ideal base for business intelligence and data analytics projects and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power platform. This means that not only information from Dynamics 365 can be integrated as a source, but also a wide range of different systems and applications. The obvious ones are ERP systems, but also diverse specialized individual applications. My objective, similar to Ambit Group's is to develop a long-term partnership with our customers. In consequence, I continue to work on data results as well as further findings to develop them together with the customers in the long term."

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A partnership can only succeed if the company's values are congruent with each other. Besides the values of the Ambit Group (determined, professional, reliable, passionate, down-to-earth), are there other important values that you embody with Crealytica?

"Transparency is close to our hearts and corresponds to our corporate purpose. We want to create transparency for our customers. Our values are closely aligned with the following:

We are very broad-minded: For example, for different approaches.

We are honest.

We are forthright: we always address (even difficult) issues directly."

Urs, it was a pleasure to talk to you.
Thank you for your time and the exciting conversation.

Crealytica - "Unleash Your Data" is built on the following pillars:

Crealytica offers consulting services in the areas of data and application architecture. By taking a holistic view of business processes and application landscapes, concepts and scenarios are developed.

The implementation of a data analytics solution and its full integration within the company is a crucial success factor. Crealytica accompanies its customers during the development of the solution and supports them internally in building up the necessary competences and keeping them up to date. During implementation, it is important to know that the data to be analyzed can be sourced from many different origins. Using connectors, we can integrate a wide range of systems to link data accordingly.

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