Ambit Group: Richard AG Murgenthal - Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud

Richard AG Murgenthal: Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud with management commitment and high engagement of the entire project team

Industry know-how and process competence of the Ambit Group convince Richard AG to switch to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Finance

Richard AG has been working successfully with the Ambit Group for years. The optimally completed project showed once again that a strong partnership with committed, competent teams and optimal resource planning on both sides are the cornerstones of a successful project. In particular, the commitment of all those involved at Richard AG - from management to the specialist department - to the introduction of D365 Supply Chain Management and Finance, as well as the industry expertise at the same eye level of both partners, are among the main reasons for this successful project outcome.

The project was handled in the following three sections. First, the data migration was processed (native AX2012 - D365). Then, known AX2012 specific developments were mapped in the standard in D365. After a first data migration, all business cases were tested every day, the development was checked and improved with respective change requests. It was also important within the project to stay as close as possible to the standard.

"The Ambit Group experts provided us with competent advice and support throughout the entire project: the project members did everything they could to implement the project effectively. Our specific challenges were promptly identified, processed and solved with optimal solutions. The regular exchange between the dedicated team on our side and the Ambit Group meant that we had already solved problems when they were identified and were therefore always running just ahead of schedule. We are very excited about the successful go-live and the new opportunities we will be tackling with the D365."

Roman Sommer, CEO, Richard AG Murgenthal

"It has been a pleasure to be involved in this project. Competent, committed project members have been able to apply their technical expertise to the project challenges at all times and have developed solutions. A successful ERP project has thus found its conclusion with an optimal move into the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365."

Beat Sengstag, CEO Ambit Group, Kompetenzbereich ERP

Characteristics in the project

Due to the parallel developments in Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics Supply Chain Management and Finance, both needed to be managed. Normally, development in the old system is stopped during a new migration. At the customer's request, further development was carried out in the old system.

The entire project was thus developed in parallel on 2 systems, so that customer requirements were met in both the old and the new system.

The previously large add-on module for quality assurance "TQCM" could be reproduced with minor developments in the standard D365 in order to be able to map and exercise the corresponding processes. At the same time, Richard AG required a high level of quality at all times. Each work step was subject to the 4-eyes principle.

The text management add-on tool module "TML" of Ambit Group for the management of text modules continues to be used on D365. The tool allows free text to be placed and attached to a record in any form. This tool is very much appreciated by Richard for the enrichment of text modules, internal as well as external documents, and is used very intensively. Thanks to the excellent progress of the project in time and budget, the payroll system could already be used productively before the scheduled date, so that the complete payroll accounting for the year 2022 can be processed.


With the successful launch of Dynamics 365 SCM - Finance, further extensions are planned. The implementation of Power BI is already being considered. Richard AG will be given the opportunity to use Power BI to visualize dynamic, graphical and precise key figures and to use them as a foundation for business-relevant decisions. 
After setting up the system, the company will be able to use it independently after training by the Ambit Group. 


For the implementation of the project, Richard AG was supported by the consultancy 2BCS. As an independent expert in the area of digitalisation, Richard AG could be sure that the project implementation was carried out according to best practice standards. The go-live went smoothly. Richard was thus able to work with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Finance without any restrictions from day one - regardless of any subsequent improvements.

The cooperation with Richard AG Murgenthal makes us particularly proud, because it shows the infinite possibilities that arise from an ambitious, committed management and dedicated employees.

we make your ambition work.

About Richard AG

Richard AG Murgenthal is one of the world's leading manufacturers of components and systems for the power supply of electric rail vehicles. With competence from more than 115 years of development, they manufacture innovative series products in Switzerland, as well as special solutions made to measure in close cooperation with their customers. The product range, from current collectors to main switches, disconnectors, integral system solutions and customised special solutions, is used worldwide by renowned integrators and rail vehicle manufacturers. Richard AG is based in Murgenthal and counts around 120 employees.

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