Ambit Group: Simon Arpagaus expands CRM management as Head of Customer Experience Department

Simon Arpagaus joins Management Board

Head of CX Department


Ambit Switzerland is extending its management team in the CRM competence centre to the area of Customer Experience. In this Interview, Simon Arpagaus, Head of Customer Experience Department, describes his experiences and his plans for the coming months. 

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Simon Arpagaus expands CRM management as Head of Customer Experience Department

Simon Arpagaus is expanding the CRM management team as Head of Customer Experience Department. Welcome to the Ambit Group and thank you for taking the time for our interview today. We look forward to getting to know you better.
And the first question is a basic one:

Who is Simon Arpagaus - the new member of the CRM management board?

Hello and thank you for letting me introduce myself today! My name is Simon Arpagaus. I was born and grew up in Lucerne. After completing my studies with a classic business administration background (Bachelor and Master), I started working for an international management consultancy in Zurich and Melbourne before joining the Ambit Group as a project manager.

I have to ask right away: why did you leave the Ambit Group back then?

A good friend of mine had founded a SportsTech start-up and asked me if I would like to take on an operational role as COO. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for such an adventure.

Wow, a start-up: would you like to tell us more about it?

With Coachbetter, we created a comprehensive platform for mass sports that makes communication, management and planning much easier for clubs and coaches. Coachbetter also aims to further developing coaches and players with a wide range of content such as knowledge articles and training exercises. Large clubs and associations, such as BVB and the Austrian Football Association, are now also using the solutions. In the last three years, Coachbetter has grown from 2 to 30 employees!

Fascinating! Thank you for the brief glimpse! So, that means you refined your business knowledge from theory at an international consultancy by gaining valuable insights into various businesses, worked briefly at the Ambit Group and then went straight through important phases of entrepreneurial life in your own hands-on start-up. 

Yes, you could describe it like that. (laughs).

About the person

Simon lives in Lucerne and loves travelling. To get to know him even better, we gave him three pairs of terms, which he answered for us. 

Sitting or walking?
" Walking. It's a real balance for me. I make sure I get in at least 10,000 steps every day."

Beach holiday or adventure holiday?
"Adventure, because I get bored on the beach. I can't sit still for long."

Indulgence or asceticism?
"I'm a pleasure-seeker. You have to enjoy life!" That's a basic attitude. 
You'd have to do some philosophising about it, but it would take too long to explain it in detail here.

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At the Ambit Group, it's all about ambition. What is your ambition, Simon?

I am never settling for the status quo.

I'm constantly striving towards making things better than they currently are. Because you always can!

And how do you want to bring exactly that to the Ambit Group?

On one hand, I want to ensure that we offer our customers the best possible advice and support throughout their entire lifecycle.

On the other hand, I recognise that motivated employees are the key factor in going the extra mile for our customers. They are the face of the Ambit Group, they change the status quo for our customers.

What would you like to achieve as Simon Arpagaus, Head of Customer Experience Department? What objective have you set yourself?

As Head of the two business units MSA (Marketing and Sales) and CSX (Customer Service Experience), my main goal is of course to ensure that our customers are happy. I strive to keep our customers happy and help the Ambit Group achieve sustainable growth by developing and expanding internal structures. We are constantly on the lookout for the right people with the right attitude. I would like to offer employees a perspective in their career - their very individual path at the Ambit Group.

Are there any other topics that are close to your heart in this development?

As consultants, we want to establish ourselves in the market as a thought leader and knowledge centre. We are not just an implementation partner. We support our customers in an advisory capacity on their journey to digital transformation.

Why do customers choose the Ambit Group?

We have the right references - successful projects in various industries and positive project launches. This provides the right resonance in the market. Our regular trust bonuses as Swiss Microsoft Partner of the Year or as Kununu Top Company also confirm our expertise - and as an employer too! I am convinced that we also score highly on a human level. In our projects, we always work with customers on an equal footing.

Thank you for the open conversation. We look forward to your positive impact at the Ambit Group.

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