Ambit Group - Supporting young talent is close to our hearts!

Caption from left: Jeannine Ziegler (Team CSX), Lukas Wildeisen (Team XRM), Sascha Sigel (Team NPO & EDU), Patric Locher (Team MSA) - all four IMS trainees, Kai Fuchs (Applikationsentwickler EFZ & founder Avictis AG)

Supporting young talent is close to our hearts!

As of August 2, 2023, we are pleased to welcome four new IMS (Information Technology Middle School) trainees at Ambit Group:

  • Patric Locher / Business Unit Marketing & Sales 
  • Jeannine Ziegler / Business Unit Customer Service Experience 
  • Sascha Sigel / Business Unit NPO & Education 
  • Lukas Wildeisen / Business Unit XRM

They replace Kai Fuchs, who successfully completed his IPA in July and has now founded Avictis AG, which focuses on Microsoft Power Platform projects.

During the one year internship Lukas, Sascha, Jeannine and Patric have the opportunity to apply their programming skills in practice, to deal with content from real customer projects and to work in a team.

We welcome them all and wish them a lot of fun and success for their professional start.

You can only get to the top with the right team.

we make ambition work.

Sascha Sigel - BU NPO/EDU

Jeannine Ziegler - BU CSX

Patric Locher - BU MSA

Lukas Wildeisen - BU XRM

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