Vecoplan optimizes data availability with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for a 360-degree view of its customers

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Vecoplan optimizes data availability with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for a 360-degree view of its customers

Weiterer Ausbau der bestehenden Microsoft Dynamics Plattform um Marketing und Service Bereiche

Vecoplan has been the product leader in processing technology for the material or thermal recycling of residual materials for more than 50 years! Since then, the company has continuously developed recycling technology. Thus, numerous patents for new drive concepts or wear and shredding technologies are already running on Vecoplan. 

And it is not only in terms of its products that Vecoplan focuses on the highest quality, but also in its dealings with its customers and its employees. In order to achieve its ambitious goals in customer orientation and digitalization, Vecoplan has decided to manage all customer interactions via the Microsoft platform. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution already used by Sales was also implemented for Marketing at the beginning of 2023.

Due to the expansion of further service locations, the need for a standardized, professional service platform has increased. We are therefore pleased to announce that we are also supporting Vecoplan in the area of customer service. A big thank you for the constructive cooperation and the trust placed in us.

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Kick-off Dynamics Customer Service (September 2023)

Kick-off Dynamics Marketing (February 2023)

Customer Statement

«A well-maintained and uniform database accessible to all employees forms the basis for marketing, sales and service to work together hand in hand. With the Ambit Group, we have a partner who shows us possibilities and ways to achieve our goals.»

Silvia Feder, Leader Marketing Vecoplan

Vecoplan is the industry leader in the shredding, conveying and processing of materials. The application areas of its solutions are broad and range from biomass, paper and pulp, wood, substitute fuels to plastics. Vecoplan systems can be found wherever materials are shredded, conveyed, separated and stored for recycling. Vecoplan thus makes a significant contribution to a sustainable circular economy, as their products enable materials to be reused in high quality.


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