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ERP sector solutions

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Overview of ERP sector solutions from the Ambit Group

Here you will find an overview of the Ambit Group's ERP industry solutions for Dynamics 365.



An efficient, streamlined solution for your preference processing in Microsoft Dynamics AX® ERP.

We determine the certificate of origin based on product structures and trade agreements in force for each sector.

The three elements relevant to the procedure are purchasing (supplier declarations), preference determination and the export declaration.

  • Automatic preference checking in the order, invoice incl. comparison of threshold value
  • Predefined logic for correct issuance of certificate of origin, for each invoice per country of destination/preference zone
  • Output of negative value for articles without preference
  • Why choose WuP4DAX?
    • Integrated Solution Dynamic AX
    • Simple to operate
    • Benefits of existing master data
    • No hardware needed
    • Ambit Group: Development & Support

E-Commerce OXID Web Shop

Tomorrow’s shop standard, for today’s world.

OXID web shop linked to Dynamics 365

  • eShop
  • Mobile commerce
  • Multi-channel & cross-commerce (B2B, B2C)
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Optimised processes
  • Payment method

More on E-Commerce

E-Commerce: Magento Shop

Harness the full business potential of mobile shopping and give your customers tomorrow’s shop standard, in today’s world – by integrating into Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365.

The new “eCommerce AX / d365 Interface” drives and manages data and function consistency from Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 into the Magento-based online shop (B2B / B2C).

Responsive Design

Magento Shops adapt automatically to the screen size – ideal for accessing via smartphone or tablet when travelling, and of course touchscreen responsive.

Design and Layout

Our partners LimeSoda have contributed their in-depth expertise and longstanding experience in online shop design and operating, creating attractive, sales-promoting designs.

ELO ECM Suite (ECM/DMS) Integration in Dynamics 365

Ambit Group implements its ELO ECM Suite connection to Dynamics 365

  • Audit-proof archiving
  • DMS Integration MS Office
  • workflow
  • Multi-client capable
  • collaboration
  • ELO Mobile

Creditor WF with ELO and Dynamics 365:

  • Reduction of costs thanks to automatic comparison between order and invoice
  • Invoice release workflow controlled
  • Increase of quality, e.g. adherence to cash discounts, exhaustion of payment deadlines, no more loss of invoices
  • Visibility on all invoices

Ricoh Schweiz AG and DocuWare

Digitization with Enterprise Content Management and workflow automation

As a "Digital Services Company", Ricoh Schweiz AG offers products and services in the areas of Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Cybersecurity, Digital Workspace, Digital Experience and Business Process Management. Since 2019, DocuWare has been part of the Ricoh family, a leading company in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  

With the DocuWare platform, business information is captured securely, processed quickly and used in a targeted manner. It ensures that teams work efficiently and productively and automates document workflows across any part of the business. In addition, DocuWare protects data and documents thanks to secure, central archiving in accordance with the Business Records Ordinance (GeBüV). DocuWare can be implemented as a cloud solution, a traditional on-premise system or as a hybrid solution.  

More information about Ricoh's ECM solutions can be found here

Office automation components

Product configuration

in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Industrialisation has made it possible to make premium, multi-functional products at affordable prices. Cost degression in production processes facilitates the manufacture of products for everyday use and industrial applications, which are very well received in the target market.

In order to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible, many products have to be serially produced. Manufacturers still wish to provide customers with a high level of product individualisation. They will usually respond to this challenge by making variants of each product.

A careful analysis of the product range is key to success, as is looking for patterns in product functions and processes. The aim is to identify generic components that can then be created from the same resources and used in any variant.

The new product configurator in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management has a user interface, including a visual overview of the product configuration model structure, and a declarative constraint syntax that does not have to be compiled.

More on the product configurator

Graphical planning & scheduling software

Real time overview of resources, capacity and availability per workplace

The add-on solution for all Dynamics 365 / AX versions provides a real time overview of resources, capacities and availabilities for each workplace. It provides graphic visualisation of your planned and unplanned resource capacities, enabling resource allocation and planning modification in a user-friendly front-end environment.

Graphical planning and scheduling are wholly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX production and project management modules and into the service management module. Changes to planning can then be easily carried out (Drag & Drop).

Graphical planning and scheduling offers a clear, detailed overview of all departmental activities (work centre). The planner has a visual overview of all relevant data on one screen, consisting of three sections:

  • Filter and set-up section for the selection of workplaces and the desired time slot
  • Capacity bookings are displayed as graphics
  • View of detailed information on displayed orders, positions and bookings

Graphical planning and scheduling enables the planner to work with two different screens and to drag orders from the unplanned overview using Drag & Drop from one screen (orders) to the second screen (capacity overview).


Docentric - Design of forms and reports

Docentric is an add-on for Dynamics 365 SCM - Finance for designing forms and reports using Microsoft Word. Thanks to the use of Docentric, the time and effort required to create and design forms and reports is drastically reduced.


With Docentric, companies can achieve great added value for the customer:

  • Forms can be created and maintained by the customer.
  • Layout customization via MS Word. Easy to learn, no programming necessary, but design via drag-and-drop.
  • Integration of images, tables and bullets, barcode, full design possibilities offered by MS Word are supported.
  • E-mail integration with template
  • Operation of various output channels such as printer, e-mail, file system / DMS
  • Multilingualism
  • Creation of labels with 1D/2D barcode

Left: Representation (WYSIWYG) of the form/report as PDF
Middle: Design / layout via Docentric add-on directly in MS-Word
Right: Data fields (incl. data from Ambit Group add-on) for the integration of Dynamics 365 SCM - Finance data


Our experience is that not all data from Dynamics 365 is available in Docentric, which is necessary for the form design/labels. Providing a comprehensive set (over 400 data provider classes) of the necessary data provider classes and forms is done through the Ambit Group Docentric Add-on.

More information about the Ambit Group Add-on for Docentric.

EDI solutions by PENTAG Informatik AG

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI includes the automation of business processes. The PENTAG EDI solution is individually adapted to your needs and existing systems for a transition that is as smooth and sustainable as possible. 

This means that there are no more obstacles to the automated exchange of order information between retailers and manufacturers or to any digital step in the ordering process. 

  • Order (ORDER) 
  • Confirmation (ORDRSP) 
  • Delivery notification (DELFOR) 
  • Invoice (INVOIC) 
  • Delivery note (DESADV) 
  • Credit notes (CREDIT NOTE) 

We collect the electronic information from your supplier and customer as well as your data, which we transform for the customer and supplier. Thereby, we can configure any document types and receipt formats according to your wishes.  

Our customized solution will save time and money for you on a long term basis. In addition, potential sources of errors are reduced, such as missing or lost invoices, as well as the time it takes to transmit them. Costs for shipping and handling are eliminated, and the ecological footprint is minimized. 

QBuild Software - CADLink Europe GmbH

Since 2002, we have been providing excellent service to our customers and supporting them in the implementation of their CAD-ERP integration. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have already earned us the reputation as the best CAD-ERP integrator.

QBuild's solutions allow you to connect CAD data directly to your ERP system, reducing your development costs, simplifying internal ECx processes and empowering sales teams with technical expertise.



Increase your productivity, the accuracy of your BOM data and also reduce your costs. With the bidirectional live connection between CAD and ERP, production benefits from drawing information that is identical to work order documentation.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Bi-directional integration in real time between your CAD software and your ERP system.
  • BOM and part information is directly imported from over 10 systems (AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, Altium Designer, ... etc.)
  • Comparison between CAD and ERP data, with full feedback of overall results
  • Easy integration with QBuild's ECx (engineering change management) manager
  • Integrates with any CAD, PLM or ERP system
  • Full control over validity dates of transferred items

Accounts Payable Automation

Save time and money by automating your accounts payable process.

1. Administration

  • scanning and digitalisation of paper
  • central colection point
  • data extraction from both original and scanned documents

2. Integration

  • fully integrated in D365
  • multilanguage
  • covers both purchase order and service invoices
  • posting directly to your ledger accounts

3. Automation

  • recognition of vendors
  • recognition of content
  • matching to Purchase orders and Product receipts

4. Controlling

  • assignment to responsible employees and teams
  • complex workflow
  • management capabilities
  • digital signature

5. Archiving

  • file management
  • soft and hard archive capabilities
  • integration to Azure or external DMS platforms

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