Ambit Group: Docentric Add-on: Data Provider Classes for Dynamics 365 SCM – Finance

Independently create, manage and maintain forms and reports


Docentric Add-on: Data Provider Classes for Dynamics 365 SCM – Finance

Orchestrating forms and reports independently is a core need for our customers. With Docentric, this is possible. The product allows its users to create, manage and maintain forms and reports independently. Due to the independence, this leads to a significant cost reduction in the project and also later in operation.

However, our experience shows that the basic scope of Docentric hardly meets the high demands of our customers. The goal is to be able to create forms and reports autonomously. Here we were often challenged to make the appropriate extensions in the data provider classes. From our experience with many customers and needs, Ambit Group has developed an add-on for Docentric. An add-on that allows a fast implementation and gives the customer absolute autonomy in designing forms / reports with Docentric.


Why use Ambit Group's Docentric add-on?

The add-on for Docentric includes two important elements to achieve the goals of fast and autonomous form and report design:

  • Data Provider Classes
    Docentric includes over 500 extensions and data provider classes. Ambit Group has developed over 200 Data Provider Classes itself. The add-on is based on best practice findings from numerous customer projects. The detailed information about the Ambit Group extensions can be found here.
  • Form set for Swiss SMEs
    Docentric contains a specific form set tailored and tested for the Swiss market to ensure a fast design of forms.

Subscription costs: How to save on operations.

Subscription to Ambit Group's Docentric Ad-On gives you the greatest possible flexibility and autonomy in form creation. The annual costs correspond to a service effort of less than 2 days. 
With the subscription, you benefit at any time from ongoing enhancements, a formalar set adapted to the current needs of the Swiss market and data provider classes that are constantly being developed further.


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