Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams und Dynamics 365 - perfect combination

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and Windows 10:
helps employees to be more productive and simplifies IT management.

Work more productively

Microsoft applications with artificial intelligence and file storage in the cloud increase productivity.

Better in the team

Flexible solutions allow your team to communicate, collaborate and share content virtually anywhere.

Reliable data protection

Use integrated data protection and compliance tools to protect your organization from external threats and vulnerabilities.

Dynamics 365 - Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Teams


In day-to-day work, employees need applications that help them to do their daily business efficiently. This includes, for example, the well-known Microsoft products such as Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote. These applications can be used to write e-mails, schedule appointments, structure tasks, create notes and store documents.

Which applications are used in which context can be divided into two areas: "exchange outside the company" and "collaboration within the company".

In communication and cooperation with suppliers, partners and customers, applications are needed that enable work across company boundaries. For joint projects, document sharing, editing and scheduling are important. In this area, the use of Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook is therefore recommended.

For efficient collaboration within the company, applications are needed that enable joint access to documents and calendars, organize meetings and, above all, make the internal exchange of data and knowledge as fluid and transparent as possible. If the exchange with external e-mails is still predominant, the internal flood of e-mails should be reduced to a minimum. With Microsoft teams, they also have the right solution here.

Integration Dynamics 365 in Microsoft Teams:

Integration Dynamics 365 in Microsoft 365:

Microsoft 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best solutions for the modern workplace. With world-class applications such as Excel and Outlook and powerful cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 ensures that everyone can work creatively in a team - from virtually anywhere and on any device.

With Office 365's intelligent features, you can save time and get better results. Create content with built-in design tools and gain valuable insight from your data. Whether you're revising your resume, preparing a presentation or planning your budget, you'll work like a pro with intelligent services such as Research and Editor in Word, Designer in PowerPoint and Insights in Excel.

Microsoft 365 meets Dynamics 365 - Webinar (german)

Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Teams

Modern workflows are no longer confined to the office. It is mobile, at home on various end devices and requires access to data and documents at all times. This places enormous demands on the collaboration solution used. A smooth, uncomplicated collaboration must be achieved. Isolated stand-alone solutions such as Whatsapp chats are not the right answer. These are at the expense of productivity and thus contradict modern working styles.

In order to transfer exactly this working reality into the virtual space, Microsoft Teams was developed as a digital image of the team conference room and desk. The chat-based solution bundles all information, enables the exchange with colleagues, whether in individual conversations or in groups, and the sharing of knowledge. Files and documents are made available centrally in order to enable everyone to access relevant information and generate knowledge together, regardless of time or place. Tasks can be efficiently completed directly from the application through deep integration with established Microsoft 365 applications and the results can be shared directly with all team members.

The advantages at a glance:

Deep integration with Microsoft 365

All content, tools, documents, contacts, and conversations are available in the Microsoft Teams workspace. The solution also provides direct access from within the program to familiar Microsoft 365 applications such as SharePoint Online, OneNote, Skype for Business, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It all comes together in one place.

Example: Link to Outlook and Skype for Business: Each channel in Microsoft teams has its own email address, so team members can post news or emails from Outlook directly to each channel. In addition, the Outlook calendar is also integrated into teams, as described below. If a personal message in teams is not read promptly, a notification is immediately sent via Outlook. The chat-based communication in teams as well as all meeting meetings are fully integrated into Skype for Business or are based on the application. For example, users who have not yet installed the Team application will automatically receive personalized messages from teams via Skype for Business. All fully integrated.

Easily schedule appointments

It is possible to invite to meetings within Microsoft teams, or to private meetings with individual team members if desired - either via an immediate meeting or via a scheduled appointment. The integrated appointment assistant helps to find free appointments. By integrating the Outlook calendar into teams, appointments can be booked and moved directly from the team application, as well as viewing your own calendar. Everything can be planned centrally.

Communication via different devices

Not only from PC or Mac as well as laptops, but also from smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows it is also possible to make (video) phone calls directly from Microsoft teams. Everything can be done from anywhere.

Integration of partner applications

With the launch of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft also announces more than 150 enhancements by partners already available. Among others, SAP and DocuSign have reached corresponding agreements with Microsoft.

Data protection and data security standards from Microsoft 365

Because teams are an integral part of Microsoft 365, we offer the same privacy and data security features you've come to expect from Microsoft 365 in this application as well.

Microsoft Teams integrated in Dynamics 365

How to use Microsoft Teams

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