LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Dynamics 365

Social selling – new customers in targeted ways using direct links from CRM and social media!

How you benefit

benefit 1

Integration of LinkedIn into Dynamics 365 means you´re always kept right up to date about which companies your contacts are working at, and which positions they hold.

benefit 2

Cutting edge cloud-based technology correlates both databanks. This is carried out in the level “Contacts and Accounts”. You save a lot of research time and are always well-informed.

benefit 3

You can communicate to LinkedIn directly from CRM, forming and expanding the network. Activities carried out in this way are collected in CRM and made visible. Secure and centralised.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Dynamics 365


Support for several LinkedIn accounts
Set up your system to enable your Dynamics 365 online organisation to access and use leads from campaigns conducted by several employees with different LinkedIn accounts.

Adaptable strategies for lead allocation
Adapt strategies for lead allocation, to define which fields the system uses to search for matches with Dynamics 365 online leads. For example, allocations can be made on the basis of someone´s e-mail address, family name, company or another data field. If there is a match, data from the person´s LinkedIn profile will be inserted into the corresponding fields in the lead form.

Option for cross-origin analysis of lead performance
Track the performance of leads collected by LinkedIn, analyse them, and compare them with other sources.

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Linked In Informations

What is LinkedIn
LinkedIn has more than 500 million members in over 200 countries and regions, making it the world´s largest professional network.

Company goal of LinkedIn
LinkedIn has a company goal that´s very simple to describe: We link experts and managers worldwide to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn offers its members access to people, jobs, news, updates and insider tips, helping their professional careers.

Who owns LinkedIn 
On 08/12/2016, Microsoft became a majority owner of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a fee-based app based on the LinkedIn platform. Use the Sales Navigator to pinpoint your search for companies (accounts) and leads (contacts) for acquisition purposes and to maintain relationships and networks.

As a user, you also receive valuable information and statistics on selected firms and their employees. Find out more here:

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