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Detailed planning

in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Detailed planning / control calculation


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers you the option of switching directly from rough cut to detailed planning. At rough cut planning level, you can still plan as far as the group, but each individual resource item is displayed at the detailed level. The level of planning detail can be adjusted in the settings. The integrated personnel and operating data collection function displays exact time allocation for each resource item during planning. This is the only way to plan with 100% precision. Employee absences, machine breakdowns or other operational malfunctions influence capacity levels. This method usually doesn´t work on demand from a certain company size onwards. Staff can react to capacity changes in good time only when these changes are immediately visible at the detailed planning level.

Kanban detailed scheduling

The Kanban method is a cost-optimised solution for valued added chain management. Order warehouses are stocked solely with those raw materials to be used immediately for the order. Kanban detailed scheduling requires that delivery times for each individual raw material also have to be considered for scheduling. Kanban detailed scheduling is especially suited to companies needing to optimise their warehousing and stock turnover rates.

Kanban detailed scheduling enables visual controlling of schedules for lean manufacturing work groups. It includes an overview of all Kanban individual procedures, with several integrated filtering functions.

Detailed scheduling involves the following tasks:

  • Breakdown of work procedures into individual steps
  • Planning of individual stages, based on dates and times for resources stated for the corresponding work procedure.
  • Calculate starting and finishing times for each individual procedure. Capacity can be limited to ensure that times don´t overlap.
  • Which resources from the resource group should be used for the individual procedure.
  • Reduces work processes into individual steps. These individual steps are scheduled in chronological order, according to date and times, defined by the production work plan.

Kanban planning groups

Lean schedule groups are grouped and used to manufacture individual products in Kanban planning. Grouping can be carried out as generic mapping for each company, or for a work group. Each group has a colour denoting which team they belong to.

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