ECM by ELO - efficient document management with ERP & CRM connection

Enterprise Content Management by ELO

Efficient document management, secure archiving and automated workflows.

Automated invoice processing
Format-independent, fast and efficient

Simple connection to Dynamics 365
Connector between ELO Suite and Dynamics 365 / AX developed by Ambit Group

Control via workflow
Shorter throughput times and adherence to deadlines guaranteed

ELO Document Management


The ELO ECM Suite offers a powerful system for document management, archiving and workflow. The ECM system ELOprofessional contains all functions for efficient administration, fast use and secure control of the information in your company.

Core functions


  • Audit-proof archiving and deletion period management
  • DMS functions including format conversion, check-out/check-in and versioning functions
  • Server- and client-based e-mail archiving for MS Exchange/Outlook, IBM Domino/Notes and others, including automatic transfer of search terms out of e-mail


  • Registration, scanning, digitalisation of paper
  • Filing of electronic documents
  • Document classification and data extraction including invoice receipt processing
  • File management

Simplification of workflows

  • Freely definable, form-based workflow management
  • Support of the communicative exchange of documents in the form of social features (e.g. sharing and commenting)
  • Configure processes easily and clearly using a graphical interface
  • Create follow-up date for storage


  • MS Office integration
  • sharepoint integration
  • Integration with your ERP and CRM
  • Assignment of rights for employees and teams
  • Multilingualism

Digital invoice management by ELO

Numerous invoices reach your company every day. Whether they are electronic or paper-based invoices, documents in PDF or ZUGFeRD format. In addition, an invoice often passes through different departments at different locations in the company. All this costs effort and time.

The challenge for you now is to process the different formats and the high number of incoming invoices quickly, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. On one hand, this concerns the recording, checking, cost allocation and release of invoices. On the other hand, the final posting and the initiation of payment also plays an important role. As a result, an interaction with existing ERP systems is absolutely necessary.

To face this challenge, we recommend the automated invoice processing of ELO (Business Solution ELO Invoice) to our customers.

With ELO Invoice, the incoming invoices and documents are fully automatically captured, recognized and forwarded via workflow to the right processor for invoice verification. The corresponding invoice data is compared with your ERP system and transferred to it. In addition, an invoice receipt cockpit ensures that you have an overview of all invoices at all times.

Various reporting functions and evaluation views ensure transparency and efficient invoice management.

You can also count on effective digital invoice processing which is traceable at any time.

Your benefit with the ELO ECM Suite

ELO ECM Suite integration to Dynamics 365

  • Manage invoices in an audit-proof and legally compliant manner
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Invoices as well as with and without order reference are supported
  • Automated handling of foreign currencies

The Ambit Group has designed a plugin for the connection to Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 (Cloud). The Dynamics 365 integration is implemented by the Ambit Group itself.

Well structured invoice management: Faster approvals through form views

  • Format-independent, fast and efficient processing of incoming invoices
  • Prompt approval of invoices
  • Overview of the working process
  • Integration of cost objects and cost centers

Invoice controlling and deadline monitoring:

Perfect overview of all invoices with the incoming invoice cockpit

  • Reduction of costs, due to automatic matching between order and invoice
  • Invoice release workflow supported
  • Increase in quality, e.g. allowing discounts, making full use of payment deadlines, no more invoices lost
  • Visibility on all invoices


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