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Rough cut planning

in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Rough cut planning, project return, make or buy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides a rough cut planning option. Rough cut planning is needed to plan despatch dates as early on as the quotation phase. Even quotations likely to end in firm orders can be processed in rough cut planning, using the integrated Power BI function.  This type of planning is continually updated, changing with every order received, provided that no reservation was placed for the quotation.  Rough cut planning is also applied during the early project phase for make or buy decisions. If the customer has stipulated a delivery date, decisions have to be taken quickly. Rough cut planning informs you about internal capacity levels. If there are any capacity related bottlenecks, staff can decide quickly whether the company should increase internal capacity levels or buy in the goods/services.

Rough cut planning organises at the capacity level of individual teams. Detailed measures are needed to initiate capacity planning with individual resources. The collection of personnel time and operational data makes it possible to constantly update committed or free employee capacities, also at detailed planning level.

Rough cut planning informs you about:

  • Management of planning methods with forwards or backwards scheduling.
  • Optimise resource utilisation by planning production on a capacity basis. Increase your own capacity or allocate to external parties
  • Optimise usage of materials by planning production according to availability of required materials.

Rough cut scheduling and product programme sequence:

Rough cut scheduling also controls the master product programme plan, which determines all material requirements calculations. Rough cut scheduling takes the following into consideration:

  • Stock production – planned, approved or commenced manufacturing
  • Material availability – stock, stock on order, underproduction, consignment stock
  • Capacity availability – resources needed for production

Rough cut scheduling planning orientation:

Planning orientation forms the basis for the planning procedure. Production can be planned forwards or backwards, according to time and planning criteria, from any day onwards.

  • Forwards from the planning date
  • Backwards from the planning date

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