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Digital transformation in tourism with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Digital transformation in the destination

Resort management was yesterday. Destination platform design is today. The basis for a future-oriented platform design is a concept that takes into account the ideal customer experience, e.g. all analogue and digital touch points along the customer journey, with the overriding goal of creating added value for the guest.

For tourism organisations it is important to pursue a well-structured process organisation as well as a holistic IT architecture in order to be able to meet the high customer requirements qualitatively and efficiently. The various companies involved need a successful interaction with each other. The many IT systems that have grown over the years create a very complex and heterogeneous system landscape. Data can hardly or only very limitedly be used in this way. This prevents a 360-degree view of customers for successful marketing activities. In other words, the marketing francs used are not sufficiently targeted and sustainably used.

In order to resolve these defragmented structures (data silos), an integrative approach is required, a platform solution that should be used as a holistic system for all relevant business processes. Information must be continuously available to all employees and manual processes must be replaced by an automated solution. The solution must standardize business processes, data and applications. The system should also be modern, flexible and user-friendly.

Customer requirements for a tourism organisation

The customers' demands on a tourism organisation are manifold:

  • It is expected that the organisation will know the individual needs of the future generation and disseminate tailor-made information and offers.
  • In every area (from accommodation to leisure, transport, catering, shopping and culture, etc.) a high and consistent quality of service is required, with the customer always at the centre.
  • Customers wish to book, purchase and rent products and services before and during their holidays as easily as possible via a central platform.
  • In addition, a feedback culture should be possible that encourages the tourism organisation to optimise its services (closed feedback loop).

Dynamics 365 for the needs of tourism organizations

Individualized Marketing

The individual persons and their needs are in the centre. Each person is addressed individually and in a highly relevant way. With a fully integrated marketing automation solution your unique and individual marketing processes are in focus.

360° view on customers

The entire tourism organisation addresses one person centrally. The 360° view of a person results from the 360° processing of the person. This means that all departments work integratively on the same personal data record and continuously add information to it.

Central CRM

Introduction of a CRM system with customer-centric processes. Creation of a uniform, central basis for customer data.

Integration and expansion options

The CRM solution should enable the possibility of close integration into the rest of the ecosystem and be modularly expandable in order to cover future requirements.

Ambit Group's solution approach

The Ambit Group is well versed in the challenges and goals of tourism organisations. We pursue the following goals together with you:

Operational Excellence: Development of a central database for customer and master data based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Integration (or where possible replacement) of the various expert systems and strong increase in the degree of automation. It is also important to ensure the collaboration and communication of all employees of the individual companies.

Customer Centricity: Here the guest perspective is taken. Guests should be able to book their entire stay on one platform and receive all offers from one source.

Marketing Excellence: Each campaign is aimed at "persona". Know Your Customer!