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Switzerland has a range of educational institutions unlike any other worldwide. An unlimited number of educational courses are on offer, in every conceivable field of study. Thousands of people choose training or further education courses in Switzerland every year.

Educational and research institutes that also compete with each other have to find management solutions for all these data from the very beginning, for example, from when someone expresses an interest in a course, to activities undertaken by alumni. Ambit Group collaborates on these kinds of projects with technical colleges and universities in Switzerland.

Projects in educational and research institutions

The projects implemented with educational and research institutes also involve highly complex structures within the institutes themselves.

This includes

  • management of interested parties,
  • registration processing,
  • event organisation
  • and access administration.

All these systems must comply with current guidelines and laws, and constitute an interface for other systems used on a campus.

The expertise that Ambit has recently gained led to us winning WTO tenders in the field of education.

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