Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for asset managers



Wealth Relationship Management (WRM) is the new sector standard for asset managers. WRM meets needs in the area of customer data retention, permitting a 360-degree view of customer and asset data.

Thierry Walt, CEO Ambit Group

Since 2013, Swiss asset managers have been facing stricter regulations, increasing the need for professional infrastructure. In order to fulfil FINMA stipulations, in the medium and long-term, asset managers will have to cease using a customised approach.

Ambit Group has come up with just the right solution!

Thierry Walt, CEO Ambit Group


Together with vwd PortfolioNet Service AG, Ambit Group has the right answer – the integrated standard solution “Wealth Relationship Management” (WRM).

The CRM package for asset managers offers support in the following areas:

  • pre-contractual duties to enquire (customer risk profile)
  • duties of information (risk disclosure)
  • duties of care pursuant to money laundering legislation as well as
  • other areas of client onboarding

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used as a basis for WRM, enabling standard integration into the existing Microsoft environment (Office, Outlook). WRM features defined interfaces to “PortfolioNet”, but can be operated separately or combined with other portfolio management systems.

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