Your Dynamics 365 solution for professional referral management

Referral management


Hospitals and clinics wish to cooperate more closely with their referring physicians. An increasing number of clinics have chosen to designate special departments or specified persons for what is known as referral management. This is intended to improve patient referral to clinics, and, by way of modern methods and tools, professionalise the process for all involved.

Ambit has developed software for professional referral management, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gain referring physicians

An open healthcare market will also involve competition for patient referrals. Modern processes mean you will gain more physicians and improve relations with them. Services provided by the hospital or specialist clinic will become more well-known and cooperation improved.

Optimal patient referral

Referral to a hospital or clinic by physicians should be as trouble-free as possible for the patient. Any data transferred should be secure (data protection) and information transmitted smoothly.

Gain the overview

Modern dashboards and, as required, additional deployment of Power BI, give clinics a comprehensive overview of their referral management. Recognise trends early on and influence their development. Important fact-based investment decisions can be taken.


  • Account / Contact management

    Create a data base of physicians’ surgeries and medical centres, plus their doctors and specialist staff who’ll be collaborating with you. These data help to bring about smooth-running referrals, and you gain a 360° overview of your customers.

  • Operative referral

    The tool supports employees working on process managed operative tasks. You can at any time obtain a case related overview of the process stages that have already been implemented, and those outstanding. Data entry is IT supported and simplified using selection boxes and selection menus.

  • Acquisition support

    Acquisition tasks can be optimised by integrating established CRM functions from Dynamics 365. Any process designed to acquire customers can be modelled and established exactly in line with your needs.

  • Marketing

    Referring physicians and potential referring physicians wish to be kept up to date at regular intervals. Realise modern marketing campaigns precision oriented to your target group using marketing software integrated into Dynamics, such as Click Dimensions (link). This raises your company profile, nurturing its image.

  • VIP data

    Specific patient data or data from well-known people can be anonymised, accessible only to persons having the required authorisation. Guaranteeing Best-in-Class service to your VIP customers.

  • Events / Training

    You can also use Dynamics 365 to manage your events or training sessions. Your level of efficiency will improve in this area, too – whether you’re dealing with invitations, confirmation e-mails or surveys on quality assurance.

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