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Serial production

Your Dynamics 365 solution especially for serial production

ERP Solutions for serial production


Serial production is characterised by a certain number of repetitions. The number of pieces produced is a series. Unlike single-item production, raw materials and resource planning is easier due to the repetitions. The person carrying out calculations only has to rely on a reliable data source for each new series.

In serial production, the main challenge is to provide quality scheduling. The raw material has to be on the premises at the right time so that the goods can be made and delivered at scheduled times.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is more than just a reliable source of data. LIFO, FIFO or the lean manufacturing approach mean that capital isn´t bound up unnecessarily in the warehouse. Raw materials will be ordered according to requirements. Clean master data permit fully automated scheduling and constant process chain transparency from ordering to delivery.

Functions for serial production in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Kanban detailed scheduling for lean manufacturing
  • Full integration of capacities and resources
  • Operating data collection
  • Personnel time recording
  • Detailed planning / control panel
  • Pre- and post-calculation
  • Scheduling
  • Requirement plan
  • Intercompany
  • Production control / supply chain management
  • Document management
  • Business intelligence evaluations

The right ERP partner

A manufacturing company does not select just an ERP solution, but a partner who has an incredibly profound knowledge of production circumstances. ERP renewal represents an opportunity to scrutinise and optimise production processes. You save money and become more competitive. Regardless of what you produce – granulate, beverages or foam materials – we are thoroughly familiar with these sectors. The machinery industry is wide-ranging and extremely varied. The Ambit Group experts are familiar with the business processes and requirements of the machinery industry, right down to the smallest detail.

What does the industrial competence of an ERP partner include?

An ERP renewal is the chance to critically examine and optimize the production processes and thus ultimately achieve cost savings that lead to improved competitiveness. No matter whether you work in the automotive supplier industry, textile production or metal industry, we are well versed in these disciplines.

Series production is a broad and diverse world. At Ambit Group, we know the business processes and requirements of this industry in the smallest detail.

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