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Sports and entertainment

Fan relationship management with Ambit Group's and Ticketcorner's Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sports and Entertainment

Many sports clubs and event organizers are faced with the challenge of looking after their stakeholders (sponsors, patrons, etc.) in the B2B area, as well as building a community with their fans in the B2C area. While CRM solutions have been used for quite some time in the B2B area, many things in the B2C area are only solved by ticketing. A complete customer relationship management, where the person (no matter if fan, player, artist or sponsor) is in the center of attention, can hardly be found.


Sports and event organisations must ask themselves what added value they can offer for their customers besides the pure event. How can you bind your fans, sponsors, partners and members to the organisation on a long-term basis? These are precisely the points that Ambit Group has realised together with its cooperation partner Ticketcorner using the new "Sports 365" sports platform.

The central challenges and goals for sports clubs that will be solved in connection with our sports platform are described below:

Building a community

The individual persons are central to the formation of a community. These can be customers, sponsors, fans, but also the players, scouts, helpers or partners are part of the community. Each person is addressed individually and highly relevant to feel as an important part of the community. Community building is not a pure marketing activity, but a holistic approach to each individual person from all areas of the organisation. Conversely, community building is the complete integration of each person into the own organization.

360° view on persons

The entire club or event organization addresses one person centrally. The 360° view of a person results from the 360° processing of the person. This means that all departments work integratively on the same person data record and thus continuously add information to the person data record. Further expert systems are fully integrated into the platform to assign relevant data to a person and thus complement the 360° view.


Central CRM

Introduction of a central CRM for the management of the B2B and B2C area. Especially in the field of sports, people have various roles towards the club. For example, a patron is a fan at the same time. For this reason both, B2B and B2C, should be built on the same data basis.


Integration and expansion possibilities

The CRM solution should enable the possibility of close integration into the wider club and event ecosystem, such as ticketing, customer management process (IMS), catering, business partner app, finances, etc. In addition, a solution is to be introduced which is modularly expandable to cover future requirements.


Sports 365

The modular sports platform

Together with Ticketcorner, Ambit Group has developed a platform strategy especially for companies in the sports and entertainment sector.

1st circle - persons 
The focus is on people, like sponsors, partners, active and passive fans or players. All are part of the club community

2nd circle - processing sports market (cross-divisional) 
The entire association organisation works together on one platform. The 360° view of a person is the result of 360° processing. In addition to the elementary member administration, also feedback management, event management and marketing solutions are part of the activities of target group processing.

3rd circle - processing sports market (area-specific) 
There are different modules in each area for the targeted processing of the persons. These include, for example, media planning, sales, contract management and hospitality.

4th circle - further Eco-System
Further expert systems are integrated into the sports market platform and are part of the 360° processing. These include for example Office 365, ticketing, website and fanapp.

5th circle - reports
Evaluations of all data contained in the platform as well as expert systems integrated into the platform can be carried out. This is enabled by modern Business Intelligence solutions of Microsoft.

Ticketcorner and Ambit Group partnership

Ticketcorner is the ticketing market leader in Switzerland and knows the needs of clubs and event organisers, especially the close correlation between ticketing and CRM. Together with the Ambit Group, the concept for the Sports 365 sports platform was developed. Due to the great expertise of Ticketcorner and Ambit, Sports 365 offers everything for modern sports marketing. As a pilot project, the Ambit CRM solution 2018 was successfully implemented at Ticketcorner.