Andreas Pascutto - Head of Sales ERP

Andreas Pascutto

Head of Sales ERP

Andreas Pascutto - Head of Sales ERP

What is your Ambition?

Since the majority of my available 24h falls on working hours, "my ambition" is to have joy and fun at work. This ambition is achieved when I can win new long-term customers, who, with our employees and Microsoft technology, ensure their growth with a competitive advantage and thus the continuity of the company. The employees in the projects should be able to solve exciting challenges. Maintaining a long-term, constructive customer relationship based on trust is "my ambition".

Which of our core values do you identify with the most? Why?

Trust is the basis for me. Trust forms the foundation for all further activities and cooperation. I can only act successfully if I have gained or maintained the trust of employees and customers.

What is decisive for success in a project for you?

There is reason for joy when a sold project is successfully completed, the customer cooperates with us for many years and develops the system with us. An important aspect of this is that we implement an eco-system with the customer that contains the platform for all business applications and allows the processes to be mapped digitally so that maximum efficiency is achieved in the business processes and the employees can be deployed where they can contribute their added value, know-how and expertise.