Thierry Walt - Co-CEO, Partner

Thierry Walt

Co-CEO, Partner


Thierry Walt - Co-CEO, Partner

What is your Ambition?

My drive is to help ambitious people and businesses become the best possible version of themselves. Turning the entrepreneurial prerequisites and skills for this passion into new successes is also my ambition.

Which of our core values do you identify with the most? Why?

Especially in a tightly timed tech environment like ours, where decisions have to be made constantly about the right use of scarce resources, "determination" and focus is a central value that I very actively integrate into my daily thoughts and actions. I always like to be inspired by successful competitive athletes.

What is decisive for success in a project for you?

In my experience, the "teaming" factor is more decisive for success than any project method or any pre-constructed framework parameter. The early formation of trust and a rope beyond project interests allows a group of people to master even seemingly insurmountable challenges, and also releases valuable creativity and energy in finding solutions.