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Workation Week: Co-Working and Team building

After the successful introduction of the Workation Week for CRM in Italy last year, this year's Workation focused on "Team Workation". The four business units on the CRM side, the Corporate Services team and CRM Executive Management came together at a wide variety of destinations and were thus able to work from Spain to Croatia, even from Ticino or Lake Constance.

Each team had its own focus and worked, for example, on team cohesion, improving communication or optimizing processes. Working together in an unusual environment of their own choosing was once again a guarantee for an unforgettable week and a strong sense of unity. Every day, the teams were able to get an impression of the workations of the other teams on the Workation Radio "Spettacolo & Gloria". In addition, a new member of the team was welcomed in each of the approximately 15-minute broadcasts. 

Conclusion of the week: We worked, outlined processes & strategies, discussed, made decisions and also laughed a lot, got to know our colleagues a bit better and enjoyed our time together in different places.



"The Workation platform plays a valuable role in creating a strong sense of unity within the team, improving communication between the team members, and thus achieving better results in projects - I firmly believe this to be the case."

Thierry Walt, CEO Ambit Group (CRM)

Impressions from Team Workations

Team Customer Service Experience (CSX)

Team NPO & Education

Team Marketing & Sales (MSA)

Team XRM

Team Corporate Services