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Overview of ERP sector solutions from the Ambit Group

Here you will find an overview of the Ambit Group's ERP industry solutions for Dynamics 365.



An efficient, streamlined solution for your preference processing in Microsoft Dynamics AX® ERP.

We determine the certificate of origin based on product structures and trade agreements in force for each sector.

The three elements relevant to the procedure are purchasing (supplier declarations), preference determination and the export declaration.

  • Automatic preference checking in the order, invoice incl. comparison of threshold value
  • Predefined logic for correct issuance of certificate of origin, for each invoice per country of destination/preference zone
  • Output of negative value for articles without preference
  • Why choose WuP4DAX?
    • Integrated Solution Dynamic AX
    • Simple to operate
    • Benefits of existing master data
    • No hardware needed
    • Ambit Group: Development & Support

E-Commerce OXID Web Shop

Tomorrow’s shop standard, for today’s world.

OXID web shop linked to Dynamics 365

  • eShop
  • Mobile commerce
  • Multi-channel & cross-commerce (B2B, B2C)
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Optimised processes
  • Payment method

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E-Commerce: Magento Shop

Harness the full business potential of mobile shopping and give your customers tomorrow’s shop standard, in today’s world – by integrating into Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365.

The new “eCommerce AX / d365 Interface” drives and manages data and function consistency from Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 into the Magento-based online shop (B2B / B2C).

Responsive Design

Magento Shops adapt automatically to the screen size – ideal for accessing via smartphone or tablet when travelling, and of course touchscreen responsive.

Design and Layout

Our partners LimeSoda have contributed their in-depth expertise and longstanding experience in online shop design and operating, creating attractive, sales-promoting designs.

ELO ECM Suite (ECM/DMS) Integration in Dynamics 365

Ambit Group implements its ELO ECM Suite connection to Dynamics 365

  • Audit-proof archiving
  • DMS Integration MS Office
  • workflow
  • Multi-client capable
  • collaboration
  • ELO Mobile

Creditor WF with ELO and Dynamics 365:

  • Reduction of costs thanks to automatic comparison between order and invoice
  • Invoice release workflow controlled
  • Increase of quality, e.g. adherence to cash discounts, exhaustion of payment deadlines, no more loss of invoices
  • Visibility on all invoices

Ambit Group Handheld

An add-on for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Integrating barcode scanners into the ERP system used to mean setting up a long route of sensitive interfaces. Uploading and downloading data and tables produced even more delays, meaning that the ERP system linked to them “lagged behind” permanently.

Put your barcode scanners online with Ambit Group Scan Framework.
Any task required of the scanner is processed and booked directly in Dynamics; the scanner is registered as a genuine client in Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 via WLAN or UMTS, and receives/books data directly (100% Dynamics processes).

The process documents

Process documents are usually configured to optimally assist booking processes. That means: the slips also have barcodes, for example, which print out the order number or order position. During data collection, the correct position, e.g. “Order”, can be selected via the shortest route. Do you work with serial and/or batch numbers? These are also attached to product labels as barcodes, allowing them to be scanned easily, permitting error-free working. Avoid reading and typing errors, and complicated tool nesting. Choose direct methods instead!


Our barcode online scanner software ultimately depends on how your company organises tasks. The scanner tool assists in the following processes: order picking, redistribution, warehousing, goods acceptance, goods withdrawal, order completion, inventory checking etc. During the project run-up we check the effectiveness of deployment together with your staff. Flexible expansion options.

Comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX

Comply with European GDPR regulations

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation entered into force on May 25, 2018, and is a new data protection regulation throughout the EU. It offers individuals more control over their personal data and creates greater transparency. The General Data Protection Regulation applies to all entrepreneurs who acquire or collect personal data from EU citizens.

Master data | Transaction data

Data should always be deleted. However, there are reasons why data may not be immediately deleted, despite a request for deletion. These reasons may be subject to statutory rules, such as tax law, customs law or the obligation to retain data. They may, however, be subject to company obligations to produce proof, such as guarantees, quality controls or project phases in which the customer played a crucial role during procedures.

Add-on module from the Ambit Group

The add-on module is an additional feature. The module is ready to use and can be easily imported into any version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX. An automatic job scan runs through the tables in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX, identifying all categories configured with personal data. Parameters can be set up to determine whether data are deleted or anonymised.

Observing these exceptional cases is extremely important for operations. The Ambit Group add-on module gives you the option of applying parameters to exclude such exceptions before deletion is carried out. This ensures that your transaction data can be handled with the utmost agility.

Add-on tools from the Ambit Group for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX


Explore, Protect

  • Data protection officer
  • Personal data
  • Processors of personal data
  • Recipient of personal data
  • Initialisation of data
  • Categories of persons involved
  • Categories of personal data
  • Categories recipients
  • Types of consent
  • Processing activities

Manage, Report

  • Transfer parameters
  • Deletion parameters
  • Anonymisation parameters
  • Form person affected
  • Form for consent
  • Breach of protection of personal data

TQCM for Microsoft Dynamics

The integrated Total Quality Control Management (TQCM) tool for Dynamics 365 / AX delivers real time quality control for products, suppliers, customers and all company processes.

  • Correction measure with 8D
  • Management of forms
  • Standardised ISO operational procedures
  • (SOP) with audit control
  • ISO audits
  • Survey with questionnaire
  • Report on non-compliance
  • Random check with Skip-Lot
  • Functionality pursuant to ISO 2859
  • ANSI Z4.1 and NIST Series 6
  • Inspection planning with integration into MRP
  • Digital signatures (optional)
  • Work groups with work procedures
  • Authorisation management and management of testing equipment
  • Multiple inspection processes such as incoming goods checks,
  • Intermediate and final production inspection, customer acceptance inspection etc.
  • Hierarchal error codes, initial inspection, online SPC analysis, dynamic ppm analyses from suppliers and customers with support graphics
  • Online quality analysis with support graphics
  • Pareto analysis and Quality Requirements Planning™

Product configuration

in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Industrialisation has made it possible to make premium, multi-functional products at affordable prices. Cost degression in production processes facilitates the manufacture of products for everyday use and industrial applications, which are very well received in the target market.

In order to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible, many products have to be serially produced. Manufacturers still wish to provide customers with a high level of product individualisation. They will usually respond to this challenge by making variants of each product.

A careful analysis of the product range is key to success, as is looking for patterns in product functions and processes. The aim is to identify generic components that can then be created from the same resources and used in any variant.

The new product configurator in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management has a user interface, including a visual overview of the product configuration model structure, and a declarative constraint syntax that does not have to be compiled.

More on the product configurator

Graphical planning & scheduling software

Real time overview of resources, capacity and availability per workplace

The add-on solution for all Dynamics 365 / AX versions provides a real time overview of resources, capacities and availabilities for each workplace. It provides graphic visualisation of your planned and unplanned resource capacities, enabling resource allocation and planning modification in a user-friendly front-end environment.

Graphical planning and scheduling are wholly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX production and project management modules and into the service management module. Changes to planning can then be easily carried out (Drag & Drop).

Graphical planning and scheduling offers a clear, detailed overview of all departmental activities (work centre). The planner has a visual overview of all relevant data on one screen, consisting of three sections:

  • Filter and set-up section for the selection of workplaces and the desired time slot
  • Capacity bookings are displayed as graphics
  • View of detailed information on displayed orders, positions and bookings

Graphical planning and scheduling enables the planner to work with two different screens and to drag orders from the unplanned overview using Drag & Drop from one screen (orders) to the second screen (capacity overview).


POS checkouts for retail trader and branches

The entire scope of Dynamics 365 Retail is included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Microsoft Dynamics Retail is a retail tool, offering standardised trading via different channels. The real bonus is that this software can be wholly integrated. Various channels can therefore be managed from a single software tool. There’s no longer any need to use interfaces transmitting uniform master data from the ERP system.

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