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Your Dynamics 365 CRM solution for companies in the service sector


End-to-end CRM solutions for service providers


CRM solutions and a consistent customer experience are the key to success for modern service companies. 

The service business is enormously people-oriented. In the end, it is the customer experience and the high-quality relationships that make the difference in the fierce competition between the various providers. 

Marketing solutions for service providers

The strong presence in the social media (B2B & B2C), digital events, online marketing (web, landing pages, apps, portals) but also the classic email marketing are subject areas which today have a significant influence on lead generation and to increase awareness but also serve as an important source of information for existing customers. In addition, there is the desire to eliminate the silos between marketing and sales / business development and to create an End2End Customer Experience together. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing


Sales / Business Development / Key Account Management for service providers

In the distribution of services, there are all types of sales cycles. Some have a distance of 1-2 years from initial contact to completion (e.g. project business in the upscale segment) and others have a very fast-moving business with high volume and a multitude of sales opportunities in a short time. The requirements in this area vary depending on the specifics. What remains common, however, is the desire for uniform processes, a 360° view of customers and the documentation of all activities as well as improved interdisciplinary cooperation both internally and with interested parties / customers. 

Dynamics 365 Sales

From customer service to customer success management

The establishment and development of customer care organisations is another key to the long-term, but also sustainable success of a service company. This is also where the essential part of the value chain is located. At the same time, customer requirements are increasing year by year, the number of channels is constantly growing and there is a high demand for increased efficiency and standardisation of processes, the organisation and also templates and agreements (SLA). And in this business area, too, the strength lies in the dismantling of silos and the possibility of close cooperation with sales and marketing. 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Connected Field Service for service providers

The field service solution can be used as an extended arm of the customer service department, but also as an instrument of a highly agile and modern sales management. This involves resource planning, assignment of work orders, route planning and digitalisation of processes on the customer front. This also enables the automated return of time and material in interaction with CRM and ERP. With these efficient processes and optimised organisations, the challenges of the future can be mastered and margins improved.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Even a small change can make a big difference.

We as Ambit Group are a service company ourselves and know the needs and requirements of an ambitious organisation. We would be happy to show you how we use the CRM solutions and examples of implemented customer projects. 

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