Ambit Group as a guest at Microsoft Podcast "The Digitizer"

Talking with Microsoft: Christian Schipp, Group CMO and Business Development Manager CRM at Ambit Group

Talking with Microsoft: Christian Schipp, Business Development Manager CRM / CMO at Ambit Group

Ambit Group as a guest at Microsoft Podcast "The Digitizer"

The Ambit Group is a guest on the Microsoft Podcast "The Digitizer". In this episode, Christian Schipp (Business Development Manager CRM / CMO) talks to Thomas Winter, Microsoft Switzerland Partner Lead.

Topics in the twenty-minute conversation include how the offer to our customers differentiates Ambit Group from other partners, the theme of Ambition that puts Ambit Group at the forefront of all its services, projects and talent acquisition, and the approach we take with our partners and customers in challenging projects. 


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Extract from the conversation

Make your ambition work: What does this promise mean for you and for your clients?

"This is crucial. Ambition is at the heart of what we do. (...) We want to have ambitious clients. Our people want to do exciting projects with companies, organizations that want to move forward, that want to transform, that have a strategy. We ask our clients: what do you want to do? We have many ambitions, from excellence in operations to gaining market share, building distribution, improving customer service. And together, with the customer, we are the digital business enabler that realizes these ambitions with technology. We are part of the change with the customer. That's the heart of what we do."

What are the offerings you have for your clients?

"We always start with the ambition and therefore always very close to the strategy of our clients. The first part is definitely the consulting level: understanding the management of our clients - where do they want to go, what are their dreams, where are their problems, risks and pain points. (...) That's where the service starts. The technology platform today is so big and so powerful that organizations are only able to adapt a part of it in a first step. And that's where consulting is needed. What do I start with? How do I proceed? All the methodology it takes to implement such a project. We are not a technical implementer who realizes a customer's wish. We design the solution cleanly."  

Why do clients buy from the Ambit Group and not from other partners?

"Clients enter into a partnership with us. Our customers see that they require a partner who can accompany them in very different aspects in a change. They choose the Ambit Group because they value consulting, a reliable partner who implements these demanding projects with them in the long term. At the end of the day, it is a risk assessment that I say I trust that this team will go through thick and thin and that we can achieve these goals together. Our clients are not looking for a supplier, they are looking for a partner."

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