Ambit Group: Well positioned for our customers in the service sector

Customer Service Excellence

A strong focus at Ambit Group.

With the Customer Service Excellence Business Unit, the Ambit Group is focusing even more strongly on this important area for medium-sized companies. Read the interview with Mathieu Schmidhauser, Head of Business Unit CSX, on this topic and learn how you can create high customer focus and added value.

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Well positioned for our customers in the service sector

Hello Mathieu, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. We're delighted to be able to talk to you about yourself and your ambitions. With the new Customer Service Excellence Business Unit, we can provide our customers with even more focused support in the medium-sized customer service challenge. Of course, we're particularly interested in the person behind it.

Who are our customers dealing with? Who is the Head of the CSX Business Unit, Mathieu Schmidhauser? 

I originally completed an apprenticeship as an electrician. From there, I went into customer service, where I developed into a customer service manager: and all this with international SMEs. When you are in continuous, direct contact with customers, you learn very quickly to master challenging situations in a profitable way for everyone involved. Thanks to this broad experience, I would say that I can understand the specific challenges of our customers and their needs very well.

Now, you've had so many experiences in different industries. Is there anything that you have encountered over and over again?

I am convinced that successful service to the customer can only be achieved with consistent and lived service processes. Which means that it's clearly not a tool issue, but a process issue. 

I can hear very clearly that customer/field service and service issues in general are very close to your heart? 

Yes, that's right! Customer service is simply my nature. As a very helpful person, I like to stand up for people who need support. My attitude is very clear: I want to help you - I want to offer you solutions. That's me!  

What is your ambition? 

To develop solutions that offer our customers added value in their day-to-day business. This can be an increase in efficiency or the expansion of a service portfolio. Topics that were impossible before. 

Which Ambit Group value do you identify with most - and why? 

"Passion" is the number one theme for me. It's what sets us apart. We live the partnership and put our heart and soul into our customers' projects and ambitions. 

Thank you Mathieu for this informative interview! We wish you every success in the further development of your Customer Service Excellence Business Unit (CSX for short) and are already looking forward to hearing more of your success stories.

Getting to know Mathieu

Mathieu lives in eastern Switzerland with his wife and three children. To get to know him a little more personally, we asked him some questions.

Winter or summer?
"Definitely summers: I like the long days with lots of light. It's so much more motivating to get up in the morning and nice to come home in the evening with the light on and still have something left of the day."

French or German?
"French, it's my heart language. My mother speaks French to me."

Shirt or polo shirt?
"Both and. I feel comfortable in both."

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Why do customers choose the Ambit Group?  

The Ambit Group has placed its focus explicitly on process consulting, and recruits professionals accordingly and provides them with internal training. We create added value by supporting our customers not only during the implementation of a solution, but primarily in designing future, efficient processes. We deeply understand our customers and go on a joint journey with them.   

What added value does the Microsoft solution provide to our customers - from your point of view?

The platform idea, across all apps, is a distinct added value for our customers. Microsoft is continuously evolving the platform at a high pace. As a result, it offers unlimited possibilities - I've hardly ever experienced something that doesn't work. With the focus on customer/field service, it's mainly topics that are of particular need for field service (on-site), as well as linked remote history, intelligent deployment planning, etc. The platform offers companies unique flexibility - it can grow with the business at any time.

What should customers start with when they want to optimize Customer Service & Field Service? 

The first step is to identify the current situation. What do the processes look like today? Then it's a matter of defining the target processes. How would we like to work in three years' time? Then, for example, we could introduce Customer Service Basic and develop it step by step: Starting small is very important! You always have to take into account the ongoing changes in business processes and the further development of the Microsoft platform. Customers are always developing new ideas, views and goals during the course of the project. Here it is important to take all of them into account and to continuously adapt the project. Such an approach is in line with our agile project methodology. 

How long does a project normally take? And how much effort in terms of internal resources does it require? What are the success factors for collaboration? 

I cannot and do not want to make a general statement about the length of a project. The duration varies from customer to customer and depends on many factors. It starts with the individual business processes, which can be simple or complex, and ends with the maturity of the change process. The number 1 success factor in such a project is change management! If the employees are simply not involved in the journey into the new digital world, then the project will hardly be successful. No matter how good the processes are. We try to sensitize our customers to this topic. 


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